About Ammar General Trading AB

Welcome  to our world , to explore together the finest
of its fruits and to savour the stark quality in core of  the rock .

Constructing machinery is   an object of desire, so this  desire
always incites us to attain it ,,, it has swayed on us with its impacts,
made us communicated throught its charm  processes,  which
evolves year after another ..

We  Ammar General  Trading  have  the  passion   for the  heavy
plant equipments , as a familys' history , the virtue is ascribed to
the seniority of our father whom he began with his venture  paving
the paths of commerce and ambled it for us, to keep on our pace
following his steps ,adopting the faithfulness and integrity he taught.

Since 2001 our company was established by the four brothers,
each runs an offshoot of our company's branches accross the world,
offers almost the wheelloaders , Excavators , cranes and leads a
share of export of used construction machinery .....

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